Darjeeling hills are the natural home for countless orchid species like Cymbidiums, Vandas, Dendrobiums, Paphiopedilums, Lycaste, Odontoglossum, Phaius, Arundina etc.the list being endless.

In the past several decades the nurseries of Kalimpong area was very much involved and buzzing with floricultural activities and developed their own techniques in tissue culture propagation of orchids and other related floricultural plants. In Kalimpong itself we have about four nurseries propagation. Exports from these hills also started 5-6 decade back. For the unlimited scope in the present multi-million dollar floriculture industry, these hills are the natural habitat for innumerable plant species and thus much has been achieved till date by our floriculturists. However, this region still has enormous potential. With the global floricultural trend these hills have limitless scope for production of Gladioli cut flowers to cater to the demand of both the domestic as well as the export market. Cut flower started trade over three decades back. Today other cut flowers, besides Gladioli are anthuriums, Orchids particularly Cymbidiums, bulbous flowers of lilies, ornithogalum and other flowers like gerberas, carnations and greens like ferns are under production.

56 km from Kalimpong and situated at an altitude of 5500ft. panoramic views of Kanchanjunga can be obtained from this point. Fabulous view of Sunrise over Kanchanjunga can be seen from Jhandi Dara.